Sit Back & Relax – It’s Summertime

This is our Simple 4 Step System to Make Sure the Process is Stress-Free for you.

1.  SIGN  UP  – Fill out the registration page and purchase a $30  supply kit  

2. WE PICK UP – At your scheduled pick up time we pick up your boxes directly from your front door.

3. WE STORE – your items in a local, climate controlled, secure facility. See storage prices and packaging here.

4. WE DELIVER – At your scheduled delivery time we bring your boxes directly to your front door.


The Summertime Relax System includes

  • Our Simple User Friendly Supply Kit – $30 for 5 Boxes & Packing Tape to get started
  • Our Print From Home Labels
  • Professional Work Force to move your stuff. These are real employees wearing our uniform shirts to pack your items safely and securely.
  • 24 hour – Secured Storage Warehouse to hold your items while you are gone.
  • Our 6 Step Summertime Process to make sure your packages are boxed, labeled, picked up and delivered in a hassle-free manner
  • Standard Flat Rate Pricing Structure
  • Convenient Online Credit Card Payment System

Purchase Your Supply Kit Today